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Our latest album

cover.lovelifepart2.jpg, 42kB

LOVE & LIFE Part II (To Mars, to Venus and back)

It was long voyage indeed, but we are pleased to be - almost - back on Earth.

But wait! There will also be a brand new album coming out this year and it’ll be very much ‘back to the roots’ (we just got started in Feb, 2008).

Hans, our lead guitarist, has moved to France permanently, so we still have a bit of a problem at the moment; we need to find a new guitar player. And that’s not easy since Hans and me have been playing together for ages, ever since we were 18 years old. He’ll always be a Miner, just like Dan the Man our satanic keyboard player who lives somewhere in Amsterdam.

Keep checking this site and the rest of the Internet for more Miners stuff and Miner news. Check Youtube, Myspace, Hyves, whatever; in 2008 we’ll be here more often.

If you are looking for old Miners of Muzo vinyl and CD’s or a T-shirt, just let us know and we might be of service. There’s still stuff in the vaults!

Let’s get it on! Lee.

5 Responses to “Our latest album”

  • cirt

    Dat is een mooie dubbelaar geworden. Jammer dat er zo weinig ruchtbaarheid aan wordt gegeven……

  • walter

    hello friends miners and listen to their music is quite nice and I’m from colombia and I know the mines of Muzo, it’s like in the old west bodyguards with pistols and machine guns guarding the owner of the court, the court is the place where to extract internal emerald, they walk in vans toyota land cruiser last model that is all they can get to mine because there the small car may not pass through the geography of the place, despite the way it is uncovered and full of holes and Avisma They walk very fast because when they carry the emerald bogota to the capital, may be moored for commands from boreholes not hesitate to kill if they resist, so driving in caravans toyota land cruiser heavily armed and would be good to write a song concerning to this type of adventure, if you want to know more about Muzo on youtube watch the “Muzo expedicion 4×4″ to observe the road I speak.
    a big hug friends.

  • ivct

    hello! friends!!

    thank you for your beautiful music!!
    and for the help to download !!

    so sad : not a new lp….

    all the best for you !!!

  • Zonnestraaltje

    Hoi Lee,
    Kun jij voor mij je cd downloaden en opsturen?
    Je weet hoe ik ben met computers….nog steeds!

  • Christophe OLIVIER


    I am a fan from France since the beginnig “hey gypsy woman” , i am very happy of the new album ;
    When a gig or a tour in France ?

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