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Welcome to our website

Miners of Muzo

Photo by Wendy Presser

Hello dear Miners friend. Welcome back to our new and highly improved web site.

This site is getting closer to what we want it to be: our own little Miners Infodrome, where you can find all the necessary Miners information and Miners entertainment for your daily mindfulness and fulfillment. Enjoy the things you can find on our website: view our Pictures, listen to our Music, read our Biography and more.

When you have reached our official Miners site you probably also have seen the video of Stealing Time. It’s our sweetest song but don’t worry, the rest is bit louder. Have a look at our other video Love to the Rescue if you are more into the louder ones.

Let us know what you think about the Miners and the site, indulge us with your comments, your wisdom, hints, and advise. We need to know what you think of it. Every email will be answered in person.

If you are looking for any old stuff on vinyl, let us know, we might still have some. For the recent ones ask your local record store or buy online at Shinybeast.

Talk to you soon.

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