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Welcome to our website

Miners of Muzo

Photo by Wendy Presser

Hello dear Miners friend. Welcome back to our new and highly improved web site.

This site is getting closer to what we want it to be: our own little Miners Infodrome, where you can find all the necessary Miners information and Miners entertainment for your daily mindfulness and fulfilment??? whatever…. just enjoy what you find on this website: Pictures, Music, Biography etc. and our 2007 double album.

That album is called the “Love & Life Part II, Diggin’the Future (toVenus to Mars and back)” This way everybody can experience what we have been doing the last decade. It’s been a long voyage but here it is. Download the albums and the album cover and spread it around!

Miner Mania Omnia. Also go and see our MySpace page (coming soon) and the YouTube bits we have. Tell everybody about it and keep checking this page for more up-dated news.

Live Shows? We’d love to, but first we need to solve 3 problems:

  1. we need a new lead guitar player (since Hans has moved to France to become a farmer),
  2. we need a new album again (which is in the make as we speak in our own “Smithsonic Lemonhead studios”and will be ready and mixed this year). But this one has to have a proper label release.
  3. and we need to fix our heads , so we can get this show on the road again.

When you have seen this Miners site you obviously have also seen the home video of “Stealing Time”. It’s our sweetest song, don’t worry, the rest is bit louder.

Let us know what you think about it and indulge us with your comments, your wisdom, hints, and advise. We need to know what you think of it. Every email will be answered in person.

If you are looking for any old stuff on vinyl, let us know, we might still have some.

Talk to you soon.

2 Responses to “Welcome to our website”

  • fuzz

    Looking forward for a live-gig

  • ivct

    hello! again!!

    i read,just now,you had some vinyls?…
    a list would be welcome…
    does it possible?…

    thanks again for your beautiful music !!

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