the Miners of muzo


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Some may know… they go back a long way. Few do know… they never gave up, they kept on going and they will not stop yet.

Started as teens in the eighties as swampy-grunchy-garage-melody rockers. They have developed into the mature guitar rock band they were in the nineties. With great respect and awareness of our Anglo-American rock and pop heritage and the love for loud electric amplified guitar music.

After their last release they decided to go on a long voyage to explore whatever is beyond, to find new views and perspectives since their motto has always been “Progress above Change”. The end of this voyage is immenent and nearing. The only thing left to say lies within their music. Let it surprise you, let it take you !

The Miners of Muzo are:

  • Lee — Lead vocals, guitar
  • Marc — Bass guitar
  • Hans — Lead guitar, background vocals
  • Kaspar — Drums