the Miners of muzo


The Miners released many singles and albums. To help you collect their music, the Miners provide you with this chronological list of their releases.

  • In Surf of Fish — Eksakt Records [Mini LP]
  • Apogee — Eksakt Records -LP
  • Hey Gypsy Woman — Eksakt Records [7"]
  • Beauty is Pain — Eksakt Records, G.M.G France, Music Box Greece [LP]
  • Dig Deep For… — Eksakt Records, Ediesta UK [LP]
  • Make My Day — Eksakt Records, Music Maniac Germany [LP]
  • Sandman — Eksakt Records [7"]
  • Make My Day (has 6 bonus tracks from “Beauty is Pain”) — Music Maniac Germany [CD]
  • Hey Gypsy Woman — Spliff France [7"]
  • Are You There — Silenz/Columbus [Mini CD/MC]
  • Love & Live Storybook — Silenz [LP/MC/CD]
  • No One — Silenz [7"]
  • Robin & Mary Ann — Silenz [CD single]
  • Beauty Queen of Beach Rock City — Silenz [CD single]
  • About Time — Music Maniac Germany [CD]
  • Really is that a fact? - Down at the Nightclub Records [CD]
  • Love and Life Part II - Down at the Nightclub Records [CD]

The Miners of Muzo are also very honoured to appear on the following compilations.

  • Yellow Purple & Italien Sunshines — G.M.G. France LP with Psychotic Reactions
  • When the Music’s Over — G.M.G. France LP with Action Woman; The Trip
  • Music Mania Gimmick Compilation — Music Maniac Germany CD with Night of the Miner
  • Tant Qu’ il Y Aura du Rock — Stop it Baby Records France CD with I Pull a Spell on You
  • Abus Dangereux — Magazine France 7″ (free with this French magazine) with 1989
  • Down at the Nightclub vol.1 - Down at the Nightclub Records LP and CD with Bad Youth (remix) and Hellkazelzer (remix)
  • Abus Dangereux #144 — Magazine France CD (free with this French magazine) with Baby You Rock