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New Miners of Muzo album released!

OUT NOW, Jan 2013 New Miners of Muzo CD :  ”Really… is that a fact?

Distribution through CLEAR SPOT ( and via Shiny Beast mail order (

Our latest album

cover.lovelifepart2.jpg, 42kB

LOVE & LIFE Part II (To Mars, to Venus and back)

It was long voyage indeed, but we are pleased to be - almost - back on Earth.

But wait! There will also be a brand new album coming out this year and it’ll be very much ‘back to the roots’ (we just got started in Feb, 2008).

Hans, our lead guitarist, has moved to France permanently, so we still have a bit of a problem at the moment; we need to find a new guitar player. And that’s not easy since Hans and me have been playing together for ages, ever since we were 18 years old. He’ll always be a Miner, just like Dan the Man our satanic keyboard player who lives somewhere in Amsterdam.

Keep checking this site and the rest of the Internet for more Miners stuff and Miner news. Check Youtube, Myspace, Hyves, whatever; in 2008 we’ll be here more often.

If you are looking for old Miners of Muzo vinyl and CD’s or a T-shirt, just let us know and we might be of service. There’s still stuff in the vaults!

Let’s get it on! Lee.